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Alana Hans-Cohen


Ms. Hans-Cohen is a self-proclaimed “cannabis nerd,” who focuses her practice on cannabis law and policy, regulatory compliance, and how this new, highly regulated industry intersects business, real estate, government, social justice and public policy. In 2016, Ms. Hans-Cohen had a nascent interest in cannabis law and policy and wanted to pursue it further. Unable to find a cannabis law course at any law school in NYC, she wrote a proposal for one at her law school, which she advocated for, and has since been implemented. Ms. Hans-Cohen has extensive mediation, counseling, document review and drafting, and negotiating experience in civil and commercial disputes. She is an effective communicator with proven strength in logical reasoning, legal research, creative problem-solving, and an attention to detail. Ms. Hans-Cohen’s true passion lies in advocating for social equity in the cannabis industry, and her professional and personal philosophy includes giving back in ways that make a meaningful difference to the local and global communities to which she dedicates her practice. She is a firm believer in the idea of an equitable and diverse legal and regulated cannabis industry.